5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid if You’ve Been in a Texas Car Accident

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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid if You’ve Been in a Texas Car Accident

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Many drivers eventually find themselves involved in a Texas car accident. When you are involved in a car crash, the trauma affects everyone involved. The moments following a car accident, even insignificant incidents with no personal injury and minimal property damage, can leave the involved drivers feeling overwhelmed. There are countless things to do and think about right after a Texas car crash.

The Immediate Response to a Texas Car Crash:

You may need to arrange alternate child care or have your children picked up or dropped off because you won’t arrive in time to handle it. You may need to contact your employer to let them know you’ve been delayed or that you won’t make it in to work that day. You may even need to rearrange travel plans. Experiencing a car accident doesn’t just create a difficult situation on the scene of the accident. It can leave you in a difficult spot in many areas of your life. The sheer nature of a car accident means that there are some common mistakes or pitfalls that happen far too often.

5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid After a Car Accident:

  1. Choosing Not to Get the Police Involved: Police officers who report to the scene of a car accident collect essential evidence to determine liability. Even though they are not there to help you build your case, their work on the accident scene can benefit you and become a launching point for your case. Police are experienced at tracking down witnesses, collecting pictures at the scene of the accident, and determining what happened based on the scene on the road. Reporting police officers can collect evidence that no one else can. The officer also prepares a crash report that becomes a record of the information associated with the accident. While on the scene, the police officer may also issue a traffic ticket that can help prove that they were at fault for the crash. If you do not call the police, none of the above happens at the accident scene unless you do it yourself. When the police are not called after an accident, any resulting claims tend to turn into a he said, she said argument.
  2. Admitting Guilt: Just saying sorry at the accident scene can be seen as an admission of guilt. Even if you believe you were at fault for the accident, the other party may still hold at least part of the blame. Do not admit guilt after a car accident.
  3. Leaving the Scene of the Car Accident: Sometimes parties involved in an accident panic. No one blames them, but leaving the scene of the car accident is against the law. Try to remain calm and remain at the scene until police officers arrive.
  4. Refusing Offered Medical Treatment: In the heat of the moment, with adrenaline pumping after the intensity of the accident, many parties involved in car crashes decline medical treatment. It’s easy to assume you aren’t injured right after a car accident. It’s important never to decline medical treatment because injuries are sometimes worse than they look or feel. It can take hours or days for some symptoms to make themselves known. If you eventually need to file a personal injury claim, declining or delaying medical treatment can be seen as a red flag indicating injuries aren’t severe.
  5. Giving Too Much Info to the Insurance Company: If you are contacted by the other party’s insurance company, they will likely request a recorded statement. Do not provide it to them. The other party’s insurance company is looking out for the best interest of the other driver. They are not on your side no matter how friendly or open or helpful they may seem. Provide basic information about the accident and attempt to skip going into detail. Your experienced Texas car accident attorney is better equipped to handle the insurance companies.

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