5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid if You’ve Been in a Texas Car Accident

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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid if You’ve Been in a Texas Car Accident

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Have you been in a TX car accident? If so, avoid these common mistakes that could hurt your chances of collecting any applicable damages.  

5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When You’re Injured in a Texas Car Accident: 

  1. Failing to File a Claim in Time
  2. Admitting Fault for the Car Accident
  3. Posting on Social Media After the Car Accident
  4. Being Dishonest in Your Account of the Accident
  5. Releasing Medical Records After a Car Accident

Don’t Forget to File (or Avoid Filing) a Car Accident Claim: 

Most insurance companies have time limits that pertain to filing a claim after a car accident. If you do not file a claim during the specified time frame, you could forfeit your right to receive compensation for damages or injuries. You can seek compensation for damages or injuries outside of the insurance system through a personal injury claim in Texas. There are time limits (or statute of limitations) on filing a personal injury claim, too. 

Do Not Admit Fault for a Car Accident: 

One of the biggest mistakes car accident victims make is admitting fault for the accident. Even if you don’t say the words, “It was my fault,” other common responses are easily misinterpreted. You could simply say, “I’m sorry, are you okay?” The apology could be taken as an admission of fault. When you speak to the other driver, a car insurance representative, etc., always carefully modulate any statements to avoid admitting fault. 

Do Not Post on Social Media After a Car Accident: 

Posting on social media after a car accident can severely damage your potential claim. If you post a photo of yourself playing basketball, but you are in the middle of a personal injury claim due to a back injury from a recent car accident, the insurance company’s attorney may use the photo to argue that you are not injured. It is best to avoid posting on social media during the entire claims process. 

Be Truthful When Discussing What Happened: 

Do not be dishonest about the car accident or resulting injuries. Dishonesty is never beneficial to a personal injury claim. Do not make up injuries, do not make up answers to questions you do not know the answer to, and do not alter what you know about the accident in any way. If you aren’t sure what speed you were going at the time of the accident, say you don’t know. Don’t make up an answer or try to say what you think will be the best answer. 

Don’t Release Your Medical Records After a Car Accident: 

If an insurance representative requests your signature, particularly a signature on a medical release form, do not sign it without discussing it with your personal injury attorney first. Insurance agents could obtain your medical records and use them to show you are liable for the accident. For example, they could obtain your medical records, see a preexisting medical condition like poor eyesight or damaged hearing, etc. and use it to indicate that you are liable for the accident. 

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