Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents During the Holiday Shopping Rush

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Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents During the Holiday Shopping Rush

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The holidays are unarguably one of the most wonderful times of the year, but they’re one of the most dangerous times of the year, too. The holiday shopping rush can significantly increase the chances of an accident, which takes some of the fun out of the festivities. With all the rushing from place to place, visiting friends and family, shopping amid the crowds and going on holiday outings, it’s easier than usual to find yourself in unsafe surroundings if you don’t take precautions. Fortunately, there is a way to approach the holiday rush that can reduce your risk of injury.

How Can You Reduce Your Risk of Injury During Holiday Shopping?

The most efficient way to reduce your risk of injury or accident during holiday shopping is to stay calm and pay attention to your surroundings. Large retail outlets, malls, and box stores often contain more risks than shoppers expect. Additional shoppers in the aisles mean a higher risk of cart accidents, slips, and falls.

When there are additional vehicles in the parking lot of large retail outlets, drivers must be particularly cautious to avoid damage (to their cars or themselves). Yet, most experience a higher level of stress due to the increased crowds in both the stores and the store parking lots. Since higher stress levels, increase the risk of accident or injury, it can seem like an impossible situation. Increased pressure and stress from crowded shopping areas often make it harder to avoid dangers. Consider these safety tips for the holidays.

Tips to Stay Safe During the Holiday Shopping Rush:

1. Don’t Shop on High-Traffic Days

2. Don’t Shop During Rush Hour

3. Make a Plan Before Leaving

4. Go Shopping Without the Children (if possible)

Since Shopping During the Holiday Rush is Stressful, Eliminating Other Stressors is Helpful

Shopping amid the holiday crowds is more stressful than shopping at other times of the year simply because there are more shoppers, more vehicles, more lines, etc. Since the stress of the crowds is out of the typical shopper’s control, eliminate other stressors whenever possible.

Destress your holiday shopping by avoiding the stores during high traffic shopping days. Two of the highest traffic shopping days are Black Friday and the day before Christmas. It’s also a good idea to avoid shopping during rush hour since shopping traffic experiences a daily peak at this time, as well. 

Making a Plan Can Also Reduce Stress

Make a plan for your shopping trip before you leave your home or office. If you create a list of what you are hoping to purchase, you will be much more likely to get in and out of busy stores quickly.

If possible, leave children at home or with a babysitter to avoid distractions that will keep you from paying attention to your surroundings. Doing so will also keep the children safer since the holiday shopping rush is a time when accidents and slip and fall incidents are more likely to occur.

From Black Friday through the New Year, most retail areas have increased numbers of shoppers. Holiday shopping can be stressful and often gets hectic no matter if you buy gifts early or wait until right before Christmas to get your shopping done. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, chances are you probably celebrate another holiday during the winter months that inspires additional visits to the store for decorations, and extra food for gatherings. And those who don’t celebrate a holiday during the typical “holiday season” still visit the stores for regular shopping, groceries, and household supplies.

If you or a loved one experiences a slip and fall accident or other accident while out holiday shopping, get medical attention immediately, and don’t hesitate. Get in touch with Carrollton’s Hudson Law Firm, where we put the “personal” back into personal injury law.