Breaking and Exiting: What to do When Your Car is Sinking.

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Breaking and Exiting: What to do When Your Car is Sinking.

Being involved in any car accident is frightening, but being trapped inside a sinking car is absolutely terrifying! Fortunately, there is a good chance you and your passengers can escape a sinking car if you stay calm and act quickly! Your car will start to fill with water quickly, and the likelihood you are able to open your door to escape is near impossible. Luckily, there are Escape tools that are intended to aid occupants in an emergency by breaking through side windows to create a way to exit the vehicle.

Don’t believe everything you see…

There has been a very popular meme on social media that states headrests are removable because they were specifically designed to break your car window in case of an emergency.

The meme is false because head rests were not designed to be removable to break the window in the event your vehicle is submerged in water.

What can actually help you in this emergency…

Keep an escape tool like the Car Safety Hammer Here in the car that the driver is easy to use, comfortable using and has previously tested following an accident. To make sure you have the correct tool, test it ahead of time on a softer surface such as a piece of soft wood. If the tool works, the tip will impact the surface and leave a small indent in the material. The tool works if the tip impacts the surface, leaving a small indent in the material.

While a headrest was not designed to break a car window in an emergency, it is at least possible! Check out a demonstration video here.

Plan an exit strategy in advance and communicate it to everyone in the car. This will help avoid confusion in an emergency, which could increase the time it takes to exit the vehicle. Also, have a backup plan in case an escape tool cannot be used or doesn’t work.