Can an Accident Give You a Concussion If You Didn’t Hit Your Head?

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Can an Accident Give You a Concussion If You Didn’t Hit Your Head?

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When you are in a severe car accident, and you didn’t hit your head, and you didn’t lose consciousness, you may assume you are perfectly fine and suffered no injury. However, it’s possible to walk away from a car accident with a concussion even though you didn’t hit your head or lose consciousness.

Have You Suffered a Concussion After a Texas Car Accident?

Not only can you end up with a concussion after a car accident without hitting your head or losing consciousness, but you could even experience a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the shearing of the brain during a car accident causes a traumatic brain injury.

How Does a Brain Injury Occur Without Hitting Your Head?

Because the brain itself sits in fluid inside the skull, it can be impacted when your vehicle hits another vehicle. In a car crash, you can see the evidence of the impact on your vehicle. Vehicle damage is generally obvious and visible. Yet seeing the impact of the force of the accident on your brain is not visible or obvious. What happens to your brain inside your skull when you’re in a car accident? It happens so quickly that in the moment, you don’t realize anything occurred. For example, when a vehicle hits your vehicle from behind, your head may whip forward and then whip backward exceptionally quickly. The movement is so fast that many won’t even realize it occurred.

Feeling Symptoms of Concussion or Brain Trauma After a Car Accident:

Most people don’t have bleeding or intracranial hemorrhaging at the car accident scene, but they may start to feel symptoms of the injury. Symptoms they may experience that could experience a concussion, or other brain traumas include dizziness, vertigo, mood swings, or loss of memory. These symptoms are signs of something more troubling. Pay attention if your close friends or family members notice any of these signs after you are in a car accident and take their observations seriously. If any of these signs are apparent, you should seek medical attention quickly to determine if you have a traumatic brain injury from your recent car accident.

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