Car Crash Injuries and Compensatory Damages

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Car Crash Injuries and Compensatory Damages

If you are injured in a vehicle crash, the accident can interfere with your daily life, your family and community relationships, and your career. Texas car accident laws recognize that individuals deserve financial payment for the costs of their injuries, known as “compensatory damages.” The Texas legal system can be difficult to navigate, and you will want to work with an attorney you trust who will give you and your case the personal attention you deserve. The advantage of having an attorney instead of trying to handle your own claim is that the other driver’s insurance company will be motivated to settle due to the threat of a lawsuit.

Your attorney will help you determine what kinds of compensatory damages you can justly claim, based on the impact of the injuries on you and people close to you.   Compensatory damages cover different categories of the potential consequences of car crash injuries.

In Texas, as in other states, you must prove that another driver was responsible for your injuries before you can be awarded compensation. If you were partly at fault, Texas follows a “modified comparative negligence rule” in shared fault injury cases. You may be able to recover damages, reduced in proportion to your level of responsibility for the accident.

Your economic damages are the expenses you incur as a result of the vehicle accident. Your attorney will help you determine whether you may be eligible for one or more the following types of damages:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Medical expenses, including doctor visits, medical treatments, ambulance fees, equipment, and future expenses of permanent disability
  • Lost wages, if you’re unable to work due to your injury
  • Pain and suffering resulting from the accident, including mental or physical distress, current and future pain from the injury, disability, anxiety and stress, and mental or emotional damage.
  • “Loss of consortium”: under Texas law, these are damages you can collect if your spouse suffered physical injury in an accident, resulting in loss of companionship or capability for intimacy.

If your injuries were caused willfully or by gross negligence on the part of the other driver, you may be able to claim exemplary, or punitive damages. The State of Texas places limits on the amount you can recover in exemplary damages according to an established formula for the calculation of these damages.

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