Carrollton Premises Liability: Common Ways Kids Are Injured in TX

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Carrollton Premises Liability: Common Ways Kids Are Injured in TX

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Every day countless children are injured in Texas – in myriad ways. Injuries are actually the most common reason Texas children seek emergency room treatment. According to studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control, more than 12,000 children in the U.S. (from age 0 to 19) die from accidental injuries every year, and an additional nine million kids are treated for injuries.

Most Common Ways Kids are Injured in Texas:

1. Falls: Children naturally explore their surroundings, and due to this tendency, they face falling risks regularly throughout their day. Accidental falls are the number one cause of nonfatal injuries for children under 15 years of age.

2. Suffocation: Over 66% of deaths in children under one year old is due to suffocation.

3. Drowning: Many Texan households have a swimming pool, which poses a significant threat for children in the home and other children in the neighborhood, but drowning accidents can also occur in a standard bathtub.

4. Fire and Burns: Children are naturally curious, and this can lead them to investigate dangerous items, like sources of heat, that can result in severe burns.

5. Poisoning: Children can quickly feel the effect of hazardous materials, from medicine to cleaning supplies, the majority of calls to poison control regard everyday household items.  

6. Choking: Children frequently put things in their mouths, and some children put everything in their mouths. Due to this tendency common for many kids, choking is a common cause of injury.

7. Car Accidents: Safety on the road must be a top priority, as vehicle crashes are the top reason for child fatalities between the age of five and 19. 

How Can You Protect Your Child from Injury?

1. Avoiding Accidental Falls: Close supervision is the most efficient method of minimizing your child’s risk of an accidental fall, particularly if dealing with a child between the ages of one to four as this age group has the highest fall rates. If possible, seek out playgrounds with softer surfaces, secure windows in the home, and bolt bookcases and larger furniture to the wall to reduce the risk that they will fall if a child climbs on them.

2. Minimizing Risks of Suffocation: Place babies on their backs when sleeping and remove any extra bedding or other items from their crib or bassinet. Avoid co-sleeping with babies as it poses a suffocation hazard, and always keep plastic bags out of reach.

3. Protecting Your Child from Drowning Accidents: Be vigilant. Since drowning is the top cause of death for children from ages one to four, it is crucial you not take your eyes off them when they are in the water or near water. If you have a pool or are near a pool, double-check that the gate latch catches. Make sure the door leading out of the house to the pool area is secure at all times. Pool covers should be locked to avoid accidents with older children climbing in and getting caught underneath the cover. Possibly most important, teach children water safety skills from a young age and teach them how to swim when they are able.

4. Fires and Burns: Watch children closely when there are candles, heaters, stoves, ovens, or other sources of heat in the surrounding area, so you can help them avoid severe burns. Whenever possible, keep any heat sources out of reach, and remember to change your smoke detector batteries regularly.

5. Poisoning: The most common reason for a child poisoning is gaining access to the medicine cabinet at their family’s home. Keep any drugs (prescription and over the counter) locked up and inaccessible to children. Keep chemicals and cleaning supplies out of reach and teach your children to leave them alone in case they ever have access.

6. Choking: Supervise children closely during mealtimes and cut their food into small, bite-size pieces. Keep smaller items that a child may be intrigued with (and put in their mouth), out of their reach.

7. Car Accidents: Secure children in the safety seat or seat belt as appropriate for their size and age, and obey all manufacturer’s instructions for safety equipment. Also, take care on the road and practice safe driving habits.

What to Do If Your Child’s Injury is Caused by Negligence:

Even the most cautious parents in the world will admit that there are times when a child cannot be in their direct care. Every situation cannot be under a parent’s control, and a parent can’t possibly control the actions of others. If your child sustains an injury due to another person or business’s negligence, seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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