Common Causes of Bus Accidents

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Common Causes of Bus Accidents

While the bus is a traditional and convenient form of public transportation, it’s important to remember that they are large (and heavy) vehicles. As such, they are a serious accident risk on the road. Like any accident on the road, there are endless causes of bus accidents. The only difference is that a bus accident is usually a lot more severe because the bus is more massive and much heavier than the majority of typical passenger vehicles.

Buses are Larger Vehicles that Pose a Greater Risk on the Road:

Fully loaded, the typical school bus weighs around 42,000 pounds. The average passenger car weighs about 3,000 pounds, a vast size disparity. The basic laws of physics mean a collision between two vehicles with this significant of a size disparity is more likely to end in serious, or even fatal, injuries.

Determining the Cause of a Bus Accident Can Be Difficult:

Like any accident, determining fault is the foundation for any injury claim. Since deciding who caused the bus accident defines who is responsible for the damages. Since resolving any bus accident injury claim hinges on determining who is at fault, this is the first thing an experienced bus accident attorney does during discovery.

What Causes Bus Accidents?

One of the top causes of bus accidents across the nation is bus country negligence. Seven hundred million passengers travel by bus every year in the United States. While a similar number of passengers travel by airplane each year, the bus industry is not subject to the same stringent record-keeping and inspection protocols. Some bus companies do not comply with federal regulations in driver training or fleet maintenance. Some fail to comply out of unintentional negligence, but others deliberately sacrifice passenger and public safety to inflate their profits.

What Are Some Other Common Causes of Texas Bus Accidents?

In addition to bus company negligence, many other causes can result in bus accidents, including:

  • Bus Fires
  • Bus Driver Fatigue
  • Bus Driver Negligence
  • Blind Spots
  • Bad Weather
  • Left Turns

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