Dallas Personal Injury Claim: How to Prove Negligent Security Caused Your Injury

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Dallas Personal Injury Claim: How to Prove Negligent Security Caused Your Injury

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Property owners are legally responsible for ensuring people on their property are safe. The owner of any property is expected to have appropriate security measures in place to create a safe environment, including proper lighting, locks, security guards or other personnel, surveillance cameras and security systems, etc.

Why Are Property Owners Required to Have “Security” Measures in Place?

While appropriate security measures do not prevent 100% of all premises liability accidents, they help decrease the likelihood of an injury. Appropriate security measures also help prevent predictable criminal behavior (robbery, assault, sexual assault and rape, homicide, etc.) that may result in injury to unsuspecting property visitors or customers who are on the property.

Liability for Property Owners in Negligent Security Accidents:

While a property owner cannot be held liable for every accident or incident that occurs on their property, they can be held liable for accidents or injuries that could have been prevented with adequate security measures. For example, if someone visiting a property sustains an injury due to a foreseeable accident and the property owner did not prevent it due to negligent security measures, the injured party could have a valid premises liability claim.

Inadequate Security Measures & Premises Liability Law:

Suppose negligent security on someone else’s property allowed an accident to happen, resulting in injury. In that case, the injured party can file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner, citing their failure to keep their property safe for visitors or customers. By failing to provide adequate security on their property, the owner exposed visitors (invitees, licensees, vendors, sometimes even trespassers) to injury.

How to Prove Negligent Security was at Fault in a Personal Injury Case:

To show that a property’s security measures were negligent for a premises liability case, your premises liability attorney will collect evidence:

  • Faulty locks, non-existent locks, understaffed security teams, lack of surveillance cameras, insufficient lighting, broken fences, etc. may show inadequate security.
  • A history of complaints, other incidents, or criminal activity on the property that were not addressed by the owner can indicate inadequate security because they show the property owner was aware of the danger and did not take action to prevent future recurrences.
  • Poorly maintained security structures like doors, fences, windows, etc. could prove that an owner failed to maintain their property properly. Suppose these security elements are faulty, defective, or broken at the time of the injury, and the owner was aware (or should have been aware), but did not complete a timely repair. In that case, they could be liable for any resulting injuries.

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