Did You Know Pickup Trucks are More Dangerous on Texas Roads than Cars or SUVs?

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Did You Know Pickup Trucks are More Dangerous on Texas Roads than Cars or SUVs?

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Texas loves pickup trucks. Many may even consider them an unofficial mascot of the Lone Star State. Driving down dusty back roads in a pickup truck just seems like the right thing to do. Many even believe they are safer in a pickup truck than in other common types of vehicles.

Pickup Truck Safety Lags Behind the Safety of Cars and SUVs:

Did you know that 1 in every five pickup trucks sold in the US is sold in Texas? According to recent data, pickup truck safety actually lags behind other cars and SUVs’ safety on the road. In Texas, pickup trucks are everywhere. You see them in every city, on almost every road. They seem to be a symbol of rugged and authentic that Texans crave. They also drive through all types of terrain. Many are used for work purposes, while others are used for recreation. Still, regardless of how they are used, or why they are so popular, they are statistically shown to be in more accidents than other types of vehicles in Texas.

Are Pickup Trucks Safer Than Other Vehicles?

Pickup trucks are often seen as one of the safest types of vehicles – probably because they’re bigger than other vehicles on the road, and they’re higher off the road, which gives the impression that there is a protective barrier between passengers the dangers of the roadway. But the facts tell a different story. Pickup trucks aren’t safer on Texas roads than other vehicles. If you worry about the risks of experiencing a TX car accident, read some of the statistics on the issue.

Pickup Truck Safety Ratings:

Pickup trucks have many beneficial features – but their safety ratings aren’t typically at the top of the list. Pickups have a hard time keeping up with other vehicles in terms of safety on the road. The pickup truck frame is more rigid than other types of vehicles. The rigid frame makes the truck more capable of heavy-duty tasks, but it also doesn’t collapse well in a front-end crash. Hence, collisions result in impacts that travel directly into the passenger compartment, which results in higher passenger injury rates. Pickup passenger safety is a genuine concern in the industry.

In 2019, a study indicated that over half of new truck models had “poor” or “marginal” passenger safety ratings. Trucks routinely get lower safety ratings than SUVs and cars, and not one of the top five ranked trucks in 2019 received top marks across the board for safety (according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). In comparison, all of the top-ranked SUVs and cars for 2019 received top marks across the board in safety. Additionally, most vehicle collision fatalities occur in rollover crashes, and trucks are three times more likely to roll than a car or SUV.

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