Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Personal Injury Claims?

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Personal Injury Claims?

Most people don’t really expect to be held liable after an accident at their home, but homeowner insurance with personal liability coverage may help prevent you from having to pay out of pocket should the unexpected occur.

The purpose of including personal liability in your homeowner insurance policy is to protect your assets in the event someone is injured in your home or due to a mistake or accident that you cause. Most policies, including renters’ policies, include personal liability coverage. (Note: your personal liability insurance applies only to other people; you need health insurance to cover your own potential injuries.) The different types of personal liability insurance are bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily injury covers your legal responsibility when a person is injured in or around your home. According to, it works in conjunction with the medical payments part of your homeowners policy, and covers (up to your insurance limit) necessary medical and surgical expenses, dental services, ambulances and hospital costs, nursing services, prosthetics, and funeral services.  Property damage covers the cost of damage you do to someone else’s property, e.g., when your backyard golf practice sends a hard little ball cannoning through your neighbors’ window, wrecking the screen of their expensive entertainment center.

Your homeowners personal liability policy is what protects you under Texas’ premises liability laws, which are applicable when an injury was caused by an unsafe or defective condition on your property. The injured party can claim damages if they can show that you knew, or reasonably should have known, about the unsafe condition on your property, but did nothing to fix it.

Most homeowner policies come with $100,000 in personal liability insurance, but this is rarely sufficient coverage. Allstate advises that if a liability judgment exceeds your coverage limit, you may be financially responsible for the difference. Optional coverage such as a personal umbrella

policy may help provide greater liability protection beyond the limits of a homeowners policy.

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