Dog Bite Fatality in Irving, TX

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Dog Bite Fatality in Irving, TX

In March, the owner of two pit bulls was killed after being attacked by her own dogs.  The two dogs were quarantined at the O’Connor Animal Hospital in Irving, TX following a bite incident because the Irving Animal Shelter was at capacity for quarantine space.  James Kang, DVM told the dogs’ owner, Johana Villafane, 33, that her dogs were too aggressive for the staff to walk them safely. He said the hospital couldn’t keep the dogs unless she would walk them herself twice a day. Villafane did so for a week without incident. On March 23 she let the two large dogs out in the backyard of the animal hospital. A half hour later, the staff found Villafane lying in the grass, but could not reach her to rescue her because her pit bulls wouldn’t allow them to approach. A receptionist called 911, and the police soon arrived and shot the two dogs. Paramedics took Villafane to Parkland Emergency Hospital.

Dr. Kang said the animal hospital was very busy taking care of patients and their owners, and did not hear any noise from the backyard. CBS 11 reported that the attack and fatal mauling lasted 31 minutes before anyone at the animal hospital became aware of it. After the attack, a college student who had been working as an intern at the O’Connor Animal Hospital told media outlets that she had nearly been killed by a dangerous pit bull a year earlier. The dog had latched on to her neck as she tried to put it on a leash. She said the animal hospital only had a “broom” available to fight off the pit bull.

In July, a 52-year old man in Uniontown, PA died after his pit bull—his “best friend” of 10 years— brutally attacked him.  However, dog attacks that kill people are not that common, and pit bulls aren’t the main culprits, according to Maureen Strode of According to the National Canine Research Council, dog bite-related deaths are extremely rare, with only 40 verified deaths in 2017 “Despite public fear of dog attacks and criticism of bully breeds, the data doesn’t lie: dog bite-related fatalities are not that common,” Strode wrote. 

Although a dog attack may rarely result in a fatality, the bites from a dog can cause major injuries and severe, permanent scarring. These types of dog bite claims may be covered under the dog owner’s homeowners or renters policy. A personal injury attorney can assist with making such claims. Likewise, a lawyer can help you with other theories of liability against an apartment complex or other property owner under leash laws or other forms of liability.

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