Gathering Evidence After Your Texas Slip and Fall Accident

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Gathering Evidence After Your Texas Slip and Fall Accident

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If you’ve been in a slip and fall accident and you’re injured, you should take filing a claim very seriously. Building a case early provides you with a significant advantage if the Defendant or the Defendant’s insurance company attempts to fight or deny your slip and fall injury claim. 

Texas Property Owner Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents: 

Slip and fall injuries often seem minor at first, but these seemingly small accidents can cause serious chronic injuries. Slick surfaces or unsteady flooring can be challenging to identify, and circumstances surrounding the slip and fall sometimes leave little chance to catch yourself or even brace yourself as you fall. According to Texas state law, property owners are responsible for keeping premises in relatively safe conditions and providing people with reasonable warnings of any potential hazards on the property that they know about (or should know about through a reasonable inspection). When a property owner does not fulfill this responsibility, they can be held liable for resulting injuries. 

Collecting Evidence in Slip and Fall Cases to Demonstrate Defendant Liability: 

If you believe that a property owner is liable for an injury you suffered due to a slip and fall accident on their property, you’ll need evidence. Evidence gathered for a slip and fall accident should support your claim that you were injured and that the Defendant is liable for the injury and any related damages. To prove that a property owner is responsible, collect evidence that describes the hazardous condition that caused the fall, and demonstrates that the property owner was aware of the dangerous situation (or should have been aware of it). Security camera footage or photos of the area taken before the accident, during the accident, or after the accident can be beneficial. Witness testimony can also help support your claim and prove property owner liability. 

How to Gather Security Footage and Witness Testimony After a Slip and Fall Accident: 

Gathering evidence to support your slip and fall claim may seem like an impossible task, but experienced premises liability attorneys know what works and what doesn’t and can be a great help in building a successful slip and fall case. If the slip and fall happened at a business, employees might be willing to testify about the property conditions, the owner’s knowledge of the hazard, whether the company noticed the danger before the accident or not, etc. Other customers and eyewitnesses may also testify about the sequence of events, the conditions on the property, and how the accident happened. 

Medical Evidence: Another Vital Piece of Evidence in Your TX Slip and Fall Case

Another vital piece of evidence you will need to build your Texas slip and fall case is medical evidence. To win your slip and fall lawsuit, you have to prove that the property owner was liable, but you also have to prove that you were injured when you fell. Proving an injury requires substantial and detailed medical documentation, including treatments and records of any hospital visits. A doctor or another expert witness may also provide testimony as evidence of an injury, and the potential impact on your future.

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