How To Protect Yourself Against Dog Bites in Dallas

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How To Protect Yourself Against Dog Bites in Dallas

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Dog attacks have been occurring all across Texas, and sometimes dog bites can cause significant damage and heartache. Since the faster a dog attack is stopped, the less damage the victim typically incurs, it’s essential to be aware of different ways to stop a dog attack.

Knowing How to Stop a Dog Attack: Life or Death Issue

It’s not really possible to be prepared for a dog attack since they are almost always unexpected and sudden. In some cases, the dog is unknown, but in other cases, the attacking dog may be a family pet that has been well behaved and non-aggressive for years. Since there are no strict laws in Texas designed to protect residents from dog bites or dog attacks, it’s a good idea for anyone out for a jog, run, or walk to protect themselves in case they are caught off guard by an aggressive dog.

Tips for How to Protect Yourself: Can You Safely Stop a Dog Attack?

When a Texas dog attack occurs, many bystanders will fear stepping in. They are afraid that trying to help someone who is being attacked will leave them suffering severe dog bites or additional injuries simply because they decided to step in. But is there a safe way to stop a dog attack? Is there a way to safely step in to help if a dog attacks someone or another dog? 

If You Need to Stop a Dog Attack: Call for Help and Consider Taking Action

If you witness a dog attack, first call for professional help notifying 911 that emergency responders will likely be needed along with containment for the animal. Once this is done, proceed at your own risk if you want to stop the dog attack in progress. If there is one person willing to help per dog involved in the attack, it may be possible to stop the dog attack, but it does pose a significant risk. Each person grabs the hind legs of one of the dogs, picking them up as they would the handles of a wheelbarrow. (It’s essential that neither person release their dog until secured by a leash or otherwise contained). Start turning in a circle while backing away from the person being attacked. Circling back away from the victim should keep the dog from curling and biting the person holding their back legs.

Were You Injured in a Texas Dog Attack or Dog Bite Incident?

If you sustained injuries from a Texas dog attack or dog bite, and you need help filing a claim, please get in touch with the Carrollton personal injury lawyers at Hudson Law. We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.