How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Safe on Texas Roads

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Stay Safe on Texas Roads

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Can you remember the last time you pulled a map out of the glove box or printed off directions before you took off on a road trip? Have you ever printed off directions or planned your trip using a map you folded up when you were done? Many haven’t even experienced these scenarios because even driving has gone digital. These days it’s far more likely that before heading out on a road trip, the driver or their “navigator” will pull out their cell phone to access their favorite app for mapping, road trip planning, etc. Did you know your smartphone can help you stay safe on Texas roads?

5 Best Driving Apps of 2020 to Keep You Safe On the Road:

There are countless apps out there easily accessible from your smartphone designed to make driving more enjoyable, easier, and safer. Are you looking for some of the best driving apps out there? Here are five of the best driving apps of 2020.

  1. Aceable: Become a Better Driver The Aceable app is designed to help users become better drivers. This traffic school app helps train users in driving from a basic driver’s education to defensive driving. If you want to be safe on the road, it’s best to start at the beginning, make sure you are a good driver. And this app can help you get more comfortable behind the wheel and become a safer driver.
  2. Waze: Mapping App Particularly Suited for Driving in Heavy Traffic Waze is a mapping app that is especially helpful when driving in heavy traffic. The app combines live traffic reporting submitted by fellow drivers to help drivers identify heavy traffic areas, alternate routes, and skip all the bumper-to-bumper craziness whenever possible.
  3. Plugshare: Mapping Available Charging Stations for Electric Cars If you are an electric car owner, part of staying safe on the road is not finding yourself in an unknown area without access to a charging station. With Plugshare app, it’s no longer a struggle for electric car owners to map out all the available charging stations along their route or trip because this app offers access to an interactive map of 40,000+ charging stations across the nation.
  4. LifeSaver: Assists Drivers in Breaking Bad Driving Habits
    This app makes safety a top priority. LifeSaver helps break dangerous distracted driving habits with a rewards system. Parents can set up the reward system to help keep their teen drivers safe. The LifeSaver app disables phone use while driving, and GPS monitoring automatically notifies family and friends of a safe arrival at the destination.
  5. Automatic: Helps Drivers Stay on Top of their Car’s Diagnostics
    Automatic helps drivers stay on top of their vehicle’s diagnostics by plugging into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Drivers can see all sorts of stats like gas mileage, engine performance, engine health, and much more. This driving app requires a separate attachment, the dongle that plugs into the port, but it offers many benefits. It can even notify authorities if the vehicle is in a bad car accident.

Use Your Phone Safely On the Road:

Of course, one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving is to use your phone, so we want to remind Texas drivers to be responsible for accessing any app while driving. While these safe driving apps can be helpful, they will only increase your danger on Texas roads if you use them on the road. Smartphone apps should be used while the car is parked or before you leave home.

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