Is Your Home a Safe Place for Holiday Visitors?

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Is Your Home a Safe Place for Holiday Visitors?

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With the holidays upon us, it’s smart to make sure that your house is both safe and accessible for any guests who will be staying or dropping by to visit. Going from home to home visiting friends and family during the holiday season is a lot of fun, and the last thing anyone wants is to have an accident disrupt the festivities. There are several things you can do to get your home ready before holiday visitors arrive on the doorstep and minimize the chance of holiday accidents in the home. 

Tips for a Safe & Happy Holiday Season: 

1. Clear Any Walkways: Make sure visitors can come and go safely by clearing walkways outside your home of any debris, ice, snow, clutter, or anything that may cause a potential fall or slip. Pay particular attention to cords to any seasonal decorations, so there are no cords crossing pathways. 

2. Check Ramps and Railings: Make sure all ramps and railings are secure before anyone arrives for a holiday visit. 

3. Declutter Living Areas and Guest Rooms: Clear away unnecessary items from coffee tables, ottomans, countertops, and floors to minimize the potential for slip and fall accidents. If there’s not much time, bag up the clutter and store it out of sight until your guests depart. 

4. Provide Space for Guests: By providing space for guests to put their belongings, you can minimize clutter during your guests’ stay. Clear out some drawers or closet space or put out some baskets as catchalls. 

5. Install a Motion Sensor Light: Adding a motion sensor light outside the front of your home can help visitors find their way to the front door while discouraging porch theft and vandalism. 

6. Replace Candles with LED Lights: Whenever possible, use LED lights instead of candles to avoid the potential for burns or accidental fires. For instance, a popular holiday tradition is to line the sidewalks in a neighborhood with luminaries. Instead of using votive candles in the bags, use LED lights for safety. 

7. Create a Safe Holiday Place for Pets: Holidays are stressful for pets. Make sure they have a cozy, safe place to relax inside. When there are a lot of people coming and going, or there may be fireworks, keep your pets indoors. 

8. Prepare for Kids: If children are visiting, consider doing a bit of child-proofing around the home. You can quickly add outlet covers, move breakables out of reach, and secure any window treatment cords out of reach. 

If an accident happens in your home during the holidays, encourage the injured party to get medical attention. Take pictures to document the conditions in the house to avoid confusion regarding liability or if the injured party makes a false claim. Stay safe and have fun this holiday season. Happy New Year from the team at Carrollton’s Hudson Law Firm, where we put the “personal” back into personal injury law.