Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement: How Long Does It Take?

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Negotiating a Car Accident Settlement: How Long Does It Take?

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If you are waiting on a Texas car accident settlement, you most likely wish you had an exact date on which you could expect a resolution. However, actual car crash settlement negotiations aren’t typically this cut and dry. How long your car accident settlement takes to negotiate depends on the complexity of the case and whether or not either party is contesting fault.

Building Your Texas Car Accident Case:

Once you contact your local Carrollton personal injury attorney, they will immediately take action to collect any evidence related to your claim. Quick action is essential since the quality of evidence and witness testimony can deteriorate quickly when working on a car accident injury claim. It can be surprising how quickly a witness’s ability to recall details related to an accident diminishes. Evidence gathered will verify the details of the accident and attempt to establish fault.

Types of evidence your personal injury attorney may seek include photographs of vehicles involved or the scene of the accident, witness statements, official reports (police or insurance), etc. When necessary, your personal injury attorney may file a temporary restraining order to preserve evidence that is at risk of loss or damage.

Evidence will also be gathered to support your injuries related to the accident: medical records, bills, employment records (to determine loss of earning potential), etc.

When Do Settlement Negotiations Start?

The settlement negotiations don’t usually start until you and your attorney and the defense have completed all pretrial investigations and the discovery process. It’s not common for an insurance company to seriously engage in settlement negotiations before the discovery process is complete. In complex cases or cases involving severe injuries, the defense usually won’t engage in settlement negotiations until they have filed for a motion for summary judgment or a motion to dismiss the case. If the court grants the motion, the case is over, but if the motion is denied, you can use that as leverage in the upcoming negotiations.

When Two Parties Cannot Agree on a Settlement:

If the two parties involved in a personal injury case are not able to come to an agreement regarding a settlement, or if the defense continues to challenge liability, the case goes to trial.

If you need help proving fault after a Texas car accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hudson Law can help. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge you want on your side as you seek fair compensation for any injuries or damages you may have sustained as a result of driver negligence.