Recovering from a Texas Motorcycle Hit and Run Accident

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Recovering from a Texas Motorcycle Hit and Run Accident

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Most motorcycle drivers agree that there’s no better way to experience the freedom of the road. Motorcycles also offer a potentially easier trip for commuters and increased mobility – particularly in busy city centers. Despite all the benefits (and the fun factor), there is also a certain degree of increased risk associated with traveling Texas roads by motorcycle. Motorcycles don’t offer the same level of protection as other vehicles on the road. Without the car’s steel frame surrounding the driver, motorcycle riders may be more at risk for injury if they experience a serious accident.

What To Do After a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident:

Texas motorcycle accidents can be complicated – particularly if it is a hit and run accident. If you are in a hit and run motorcycle accident, the most important thing you can do is get any necessary medical attention. Once you have received needed medical attention, you should document the scene of the accident. Documenting the car accident scene is an essential step in identifying the driver who caused the motorcycle accident and then fled the scene. Take photographs, write down everything you recall about the accident, look for any traffic cameras that may have caught useful footage, and search for potential witnesses. If the at-fault party is identified, injured parties should quickly file their personal injury claim because the Texas statute of limitations for motorcycle accident injury cases is two years.

Seeking Compensatory Damages After a Motorcycle Hit and Run Accident:

If you are in a Texas motorcycle hit and run accident, you could be able to seek several compensatory damages. How much your personal injury claim is worth depends on different factors and the specific circumstances surrounding your motorcycle accident. For instance, if you sustained several serious injuries, the related medical expenses may be covered if your personal injury claim is successful. In some cases, hit and run motorcycle accidents could result in surgery or multiple surgeries, time hospitalized or in the ICU, prescription medication, etc. These are all examples of medical expenses that can be covered by compensatory damages.

When Motorcycle Hit and Run Accidents Result in Chronic Injury or Disability:

Sometimes hit and run motorcycle accidents can result in chronic injury or disability. A chronic injury or disability may keep you from returning to work. In this situation, you may be eligible for compensation to cover lost wages. If the accident results in a long-term disability, you could also receive damages for a projected decrease in future earning capacity or loss of health benefits. Other potential benefits include damages for pain and suffering or a lowered standard of living.

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