Slip and Fall Accidents Are a Common Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Slip and Fall Accidents Are a Common Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries

We have all read about the traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that have blighted the lives of former NFL players. But you don’t need to be on the football field to suffer one of these injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

According to the CDC, one out of every four older adults will fall each year in the United States, making falls a public health concern, particularly among the aging population. “Every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S.—making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group.” These severe injuries can in some cases raise issues of liability, especially when caused by people tripping over obstacles that should not have been in their way. In these cases, it’s important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to determine whether the injured person or that person’s family have a valid claim.

Traumatic brain injury caused by a slip and fall accident can be very serious. TBI can cause migraine headaches, dizziness, and nausea, and can affect the injured party’s mental capacity. Dangerous conditions that caused the TBI may be cause for legal action. Examples of such conditions that affect the surface walked on include loose carpeting or slippery mats, uneven surfaces, ice or water that should have been cleared away, oil or grease, hoses or power cords, or other obstacles. A lack of adequate lighting in a dark area can also be a dangerous condition.

The personal injury attorney will begin with an investigation into the cause of the slip and fall accident. This investigation will reveal whether or not there was a responsible party who knew or should have known about the obstacle or dangerous condition. If that party did not take any steps to fix or mitigate the danger, they may be liable for damages due to their negligence. If the attorney judges that you have a valid claim for damages, you need to file your lawsuit within the Texas statute of limitations, before two years have gone by since the fall that caused the injury.

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