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Steps to Take After a Hit and Run
August 5, 2020 Practice Areas

Many would argue that hit and run accidents are some of the worst types of accidents that occur on Texas roads. A car accident caused by another party leaves you feeling violated, angry, confused, and shaken, and these feelings tend to be more exaggerated after a hit-and-run accident. The at-fault party isn’t even willing to take responsibility for what happened – instead, they run from the scene. If you’ve been in a hit and run accident, there are specific steps you should take that can drastically improve your chances of seeking compensation for any damages or injuries. 

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident:

After a hit and run accident, try to stay calm and keep a clear head. Call 911 so first responders can report to the scene and provide necessary medical attention. Write down anything you can remember in connection to the accident and the other vehicle/driver. It is beneficial to be able to provide the police and other investigative parties with the make, model, and color of the vehicle that fled the scene of the accident. If you can remember any distinctive features of the car or the license plate number, write it down right away so you don’t forget. It’s also helpful to try to recall where the other driver was in relation to your vehicle’s position. Take photos of the scene, if possible, so you have a visual backup of your version of events and to jog your memory later. 

Obtain Necessary Medical Care After a Hit and Run Accident: 

When you seek medical treatment after a hit and run accident, you should attempt to get your doctor to provide you with a long-term prognosis. A long-term prognosis is beneficial when trying to project what sort of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation may be necessary. Report the car accident to your auto insurance company. When you relay the information about the car accident, be to the point, stick to the facts, and keep it simple. Just tell them what happened and nothing more without editorializing. Never lay blame at your own feet by telling your insurance company that you should have known they were going to take the corner too fast, etc. 

What Insurance Company Do You Deal With After a Hit and Run Accident? 

If the at-fault driver flees the scene and is not identified by police officers responding to the scene, what insurance company do you approach with your claim? Uninsured Motorist coverage exists for this purpose. Hit and run accidents are covered under this particular insurance coverage on auto your policy. Victims of hit and run accidents can use their uninsured motorist coverage the same as if they were in a collision with a driver who did not have any auto insurance coverage. Uninsured Motorists coverage may pay for medical treatment, ongoing care, lost wages, and other damages caused by the accident. Working with a car accident lawyer can provide the guidance you need to navigate all your options, and handle your recovery from a Texas hit and run accident. 

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