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We put PERSONAL back Into Personal Injury Law

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Steps of an Injury Claim Process

Personal Injury Roadmap Getting hurt in an accident while driving can turn anyone’s world upside down.  The immediate pain and suffering sustained from the accident would be more than enough for anyone to bear.  That is why we are here, so you do not have to go at it alone.  The journey from beginning to…
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Dog Bites and the Law in Texas

There’s no actual dog census, but in 2016 the American Veterinary Medical Association estimated that Texas has about 7.2 million dogs, more than any other state. Unfortunately, not every one of the millions is a good dog. Some of them are biters. What are your rights if you are injured by a bite from man’s…
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Your Car Crash: Choosing the Right Lawyer

When you have been injured in a car crash that you didn’t cause to happen, your friends and family will undoubtedly advise you to “talk to a lawyer.” That’s great advice, but it does not mean, “pick the first law firm you find on Google.” You might get a referral from someone you trust who…
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