Texas Car Accidents: Why Are Dallas Intersections So Dangerous?

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Texas Car Accidents: Why Are Dallas Intersections So Dangerous?

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Any big city will have dangerous intersections and traffic dangers, and Dallas is a big city. Everyone knows big city traffic causes problems for commuters. However, Dallas has a particular claim to fame. Dallas, Texas, doesn’t just offer commuters the typical traffic jams. Dallas’s dangerous intersections pose a risk of serious harm for Dallas commuters.

Dangerous Dallas Intersections: Data Shows Drivers Need to Be Cautious on the Road

In 2008, Dallas drivers experienced over 19,000 car crashes on Dallas roads. Certain intersections are more likely to have accidents than others.

What Makes a Dangerous Intersection?

Many of Dallas’s dangerous intersections have multiple lanes that cause drivers to become frustrated. Frustrated drivers who have to wait at large intersections are more likely to run red lights. Since running red lights is a major contributing factor to car accidents, it’s not surprising that these intersections are regularly considered some of Dallas’ most “dangerous” intersections.

Dallas Made the Top 10 Dangerous Intersections in the US List:

According to info compiled by State Farm insurance company, the city of Dallas lays claim to one of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in the United States, the TX-121 & Preston Road intersection. While the city installed red-light cameras to decrease the dangers at this intersection and others, the number of Dallas car accidents is still dangerously high. Dallas drivers receive more tickets, but the number of car accidents at this particular intersection (and others like it) hasn’t necessarily decreased.

Any Dallas Intersection Can Be a Dangerous Intersection:

While the intersection at TX-121 & Preston Road is known to be particularly dangerous, it’s not the only one. Many intersections in Dallas are considered dangerous, and any intersection can quickly become “dangerous” if there are negligent drivers on the road.

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