Trespassing Teen Killed in Dallas Dog Attack

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Trespassing Teen Killed in Dallas Dog Attack

A tragedy occurred in August when a 16-year-old died from injuries sustained when he was attacked by three dogs on a Saturday morning in a back yard in Irving, Texas. According to USA Today, police officers arrived at the home to find three pit bulls mauling the boy. When the officers jumped the fence in an effort to shield him, an officer was also bitten, leading to officers firing at the pit bulls. The boy was rushed to a hospital, but died of the injuries he sustained during the dogs’ attacks.

The attack took place at 4:00 a.m. The teenager, who did not live in the home, was believed to be homeless. An Irving police spokesman said, “We definitely don’t know why he was in that back yard.”  One of the pit bulls was injured and later euthanized. The homeowner, owner of the dogs told investigators that the boy had been trespassing. Under Texas law, a dog’s owner may be charged with a criminal negligence felony if the owner, knowing a dog has been shown to be a “dangerous dog,” fails to secure the dog. However, the pit bulls were secured in the backyard of their owner’s home at the time of the attack. “”Nobody has the right to be in this yard,” he said in a television interview. Tearful at the loss of his dog, he said, “She did what she’s supposed to do.” The surviving dogs were taken to an animal shelter.

Dog bites are a serious danger, and the victim or the victim’s family may seek compensation in many such cases. This case was more complicated due to the fact that the teenager was trespassing. The dog owner was correct about his rights as a homeowner.  Under Texas law, for liability purposes, any person who enters a property without permission is considered a trespasser. The duty of the owner of the property is to take reasonable care not to intentionally injure that person or to act with “gross negligence.“  In this case, the owner did neither.

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