What Are Your Options If You’ve Been in a Bicycling Accident with a Motor Vehicle?

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What Are Your Options If You’ve Been in a Bicycling Accident with a Motor Vehicle?

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If you are in a bicycling accident with a car, it’s crucial to call 911 to report the accident first. Ask for the police and the EMS.

After Calling 911 to Report the Accident:

After you call to ask for the police and EMS, the next thing you need to remember is not to talk to anyone about the accident. Do not discuss who may or may not be at fault with anyone. When you are involved in a bicycling accident, pedestrian accident, or car accident, the insurance company could use anything you say as potential evidence proving you liable. For example, if you tell someone at the scene of the accident that you didn’t even see the car coming,” the other party’s insurance company may interpret the statement to mean that you weren’t paying attention. However, when the police respond to the scene, you should answer their questions about the accident. Provide your version of what happened to the responding officer, and give them your name and address.

Ask About an Accident Report:

The police do not always prepare an accident report. Police accident reports are typically completed when the police investigate an accident. Policies dictating when police reports are prepared will vary between law enforcement agencies. If the police do prepare an accident report, check to make sure it is accurate.

Request Contact Information from Witnesses at the Scene of the Accident:

After a bicycle accident with a vehicle, you need to obtain the contact information for any witnesses. If you are injured and cannot get the witnesses’ contact info, ask someone else to gather it for you. When the police respond to the accident, they usually gather the driver’s information. Pay attention and make sure the police have the driver’s contact info before leaving the scene. Even if the other party is extremely pleasant and accepts fault immediately after the accident, get contact information from witnesses. You cannot depend on the other party not to change their story.

Texas Law Protects Bicyclists on the Road:

Texas law requires that drivers passing cyclists do so at a safe distance. Drivers are also required to give warning and use caution to avoid collisions with bikes on the road. Considering the regulations, if a car hits a bicyclist, they were violating the law. If the police do not do so, you can request that they ticket the vehicle’s driver for breaking the law.

Ask How to Get a Copy of the Police Report:

After talking with the police officer to make sure they have the accident’s details correct, ask how you can get a copy of the police report. Obtaining a copy of the police report is essential if you end up filing a claim after the accident.

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