What is a Loss of Use After a Car Accident?

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What is a Loss of Use After a Car Accident?

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“Loss of use” claims refer to the time following an accident before repairs are completed on the vehicle. During this time, the vehicle is not available for use. The vehicle owner may be due compensation for the cost of obtaining alternate transportation or loss of revenue the vehicle would typically have generated.

Is Your Company Vehicle Out of Action Due to a Car Accident?

If you own a company vehicle that is no longer generating revenue because it was in an accident, you may obtain compensation to cover the lost revenue. Companies that own vehicles that perform services such as dump trucks, weed control or pest control vehicles, carpet cleaning vans, etc. should discuss their options for seeking financial recovery for loss of use and loss of income with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney.

Obtaining Loss of Use Damages After a Car Accident:

If you are the owner of a commercial vehicle or other vehicle used to generate income for your business (like food trucks, delivery vehicles, tractor-trailers, etc.), you may recover loss of use damages under Texas law. Loss of use damages can be significant, and you may be entitled to recover damages regardless of whether you rent an alternate vehicle or not.

When Do You File a Loss of Use Claim?

It might seem obvious, but you should file a claim for loss of use before the repairs are completed on your car when you are in a car accident. The time between the car accident and when the car is repaired will require substitute transportation. So you must contact your Dallas car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Provide your car accident attorney with an accident report, invoices, quotes, or estimates for the repair of your vehicle and any other evidence indicating the costs in connection to the repair of your vehicle, substitute transportation, and income typically generated through the use of your vehicle.

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