What Makes a Texas Slip and Fall Claim Valid?

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What Makes a Texas Slip and Fall Claim Valid?

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There are many simple reasons for a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall incidents are common, and so are the myriad situations that lead to them regularly.

Slip and fall accidents are a type of premises liability case. Premises liability cases are governed by personal injury law, a part of Texas civil law. Personal injury law is designed to assists victims as they try to recover and rebuild their life after an accident.

Are Slip and Fall Claims Easy to Settle?

If you believe that all slip and fall claims are easy to settle, but they are just as challenging to handle as any other personal injury lawsuit. There are pieces of the puzzle that must be found, and certain elements met to make a successful personal injury claim. Merely falling in a public place does not necessarily create a valid claim.

If You Are Trying to Determine if Your Slip and Fall Case is Valid, Consider these Questions”

  • Does the property include an unsafe condition that resulted in your accident?
  • Is there ice or snow?
  • Are the slippery floors wet?
  • Does the sidewalk have significant damage defects? Are their potholes or other debris that could cause a slip and fall? While we don’t want anyone to slip and fall, we do want to remind you that the property owner is not always liable.
  • Did you enter a blocked off area?
  • Did you exercise caution and take responsibility for your own actions?

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