What To Do If You Slip and Fall at a Place of Business

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What To Do If You Slip and Fall at a Place of Business

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Were you injured after a slip and fall accident at a place of business? Did you know that companies have a responsibility to keep their property safe for their customers? After a slip and fall injury, medical bills can skyrocket quickly. You may be unable to return to work immediately or indefinitely. Whatever the situation is, you need to discuss it with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if there was any negligence on the part of the business so you can take legal action and get the help you need.

What To Do If You Slip and Fall at a Place a Business:

  • Contact Medical Services
  • Document the Details
  • Report the Accident to the Place of Business
  • Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

First Step After a Slip and Fall Accident: Contact Medical Services

If you suspect you may have an injury due to a fall, seek immediate medical treatment. In slip and fall accident scenarios, it is best to err on the side of caution. Make your health the top priority. After seeking medical treatment, retain any medical records or medical bills that you receive. It is advantageous to have your doctor’s official assessment of your injuries for a personal injury claim. An evaluation from a physician will play an essential part in building your personal injury case, and medical bills will help you receive fair and accurate compensation.

Second Step After a Slip and Fall Accident: Document All Details

It will take some time, but make sure you document every detail about the accident. Make sure you include what time it was when you fell, what clothes you were wearing, where you were (exactly) at the time of the accident, any conditions that you believe led to the slip and fall, and the name and contact information for any witnesses alongside their statements. If possible, take photos of the location and the property’s conditions. Evidence and witnesses are vital to proving negligence in slip and fall cases.

Third Step After a Slip and Fall Accident: Report the Accident to the Place of Business

Always report the fall to the business as quickly as possible. Make sure you are aware of who you talk to and everything they tell you about the accident. Include your reporting of the accident and the business representative’s response when documenting all the details. It is best to ask for a copy of the business’s written report of the incident for your records. Having a copy avoids any confusion about what their initial response was to the situation.

Fourth Step After a Slip and Fall Accident: Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of a business, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hudson Law can help. Our personal injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge you want on your side as you seek fair compensation for your injuries. We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.