What To Do If You Witness a Slip and Fall Accident

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What To Do If You Witness a Slip and Fall Accident

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Did you witness a slip and fall accident? It may have happened right in front of you. Maybe you were the person the injured party was shopping with, or perhaps you just saw a stranger slip and fall as they passed by you in the grocery store aisle. Many slip and fall accident eyewitnesses want to help, but they aren’t sure what they can do. 

When You Witness a Slip and Fall Accident: 

If you witness a slip and fall accident, don’t be afraid to take control – especially if no one else seems willing to help. Your priority should be making sure the injured party receives any necessary medical care. Notify the store manager of the accident and, if the injury seems significant or the victim is in pain, call 911. Once you’ve notified authorities, you should offer to contact a friend or family member for them victim (if they are a stranger to you). If the injured party cannot speak, try looking for an emergency contact in their phone – many a good emergency contact under ICE (in case of emergency). 

Helping the Victim of a Slip and Fall Accident on the Scene: 

If the slip and fall accident victim is your friend or family member, and they do not require emergency services, but they do have an injury, help them get to their primary care or family doctor for an evaluation. Before leaving the scene of the accident, take photos of the area. This may be extremely useful to the victim later if they need to file an insurance claim, and the insurance company fights their claim. Provide the victim with your contact information to reach you if there is a question about the incident. 

Stay Calm and Encouraging: Victims Do Not Always Respond Appropriately

If you witness a slip and fall accident, encourage the victim to relax. Present a calm demeanor and stay encouraging. A person who has been injured in a slip and fall accident may not always respond appropriately. Sometimes embarrassment and adrenalin will cause them to leave the site with an injury without waiting for treatment or notifying anyone of the incident. If you see this situation playing out, attempt to urge them to take a minute to gather themselves before they leave. Someone who is injured in a slip and fall incident may need help covering medical care costs, treatment, and lost wages depending on the circumstances. Encouraging them to take a minute to rest and catch their breath may be all that’s necessary to help them protect their legal rights to a potential recovery. 

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