What to Do When You Are Offered an Unreasonably Low Settlement After an Injury

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What to Do When You Are Offered an Unreasonably Low Settlement After an Injury

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Have you been offered a ridiculously low personal injury settlement form an insurance company? 

Did You Receive a Low-Ball Personal Injury Settlement Offer? 

If you received a ridiculously low settlement offer from an insurance company in response to your personal injury claim, don’t lose all hope. If you haven’t yet contacted an excellent personal injury attorney, do so as soon as possible. Having the knowledge and experience of a personal injury attorney on your side can be extremely beneficial. 

Your Response to the Initial Settlement Offer May Determine Your Outcome

In many cases, the response the insurance company gets from the initial “low-ball” settlement offer may determine whether or not you eventually end up with a fair outcome. The two biggest mistakes you can make in response to a low-ball personal injury settlement offer are: 

  1. Firing off an immediate, emotionally charged response or
  2. Accepting the offer. 

In this situation, you are probably upset. The claims process is frustrating and complicated. The after-effects of an injury are felt in all areas of your life. You may need a quick influx of cash. Try to maintain a professional relationship with the insurance company despite these factors, and remember that they know these factors exist for most claimants. They depend on it and know that it helps minimize their payouts in a lot of personal injury cases. Most importantly, remember that the initial offer is generally just a starting point for settlement negotiations. 

The Personal Injury Settlement Negotiations: 

Many personal injury claimants feel it is unnecessary to work with a personal injury attorney unless the matter goes to court. What they don’t consider is that they are attempting to negotiate with professionals. The insurance company negotiates similar claims with people just like you all day, every day. So you without a professional on your side, you are facing a loaded deck. With a personal injury attorney by your side, you are more likely to receive fair compensation promptly. 

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