What To Do When Your Car is Totaled in a Texas Car Accident?

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What To Do When Your Car is Totaled in a Texas Car Accident?

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If you are in a Texas car accident and your car is declared totaled, you probably have many questions. We’ve got some answers to a few of the most common questions that run through Texas drivers’ minds when their vehicle is “totaled” in a car wreck.

What Does “Totaled” Mean?

When an insurance company considers a vehicle after an accident, they determine the value by comparing the car’s value and the cost of completing repairs. If paying to have the car repaired is equal to or higher than the car’s total value, the insurance company usually considers the vehicle “totaled.” In some cases, the insurance company may declare a vehicle totaled when the cost of repairs is lower than the car’s value.

What If I Think My Car is More Valuable than My Insurance Company?

If you disagree with the insurance company’s assessment of your car’s value, you can request they provide you with the source they used to calculate the value. If you still think the car is worth more than the insurance company decided, you can negotiate. Your insurance company will want to see what the car would sell for in your city or region. You probably want to prepare for negotiations by getting quotes from local used car dealers, looking for prices online, finding local advertisements for similar cars, and compile a list of any special features or custom parts that add value to your vehicle.

Can I Still Repair My Vehicle If the Insurance Company Declares it Totaled?

If the insurance company declares your car totaled, but you still want to keep it, make sure to let the insurance company know of your intention as soon as possible. In this type of scenario, the insurance company subtracts the vehicle’s salvage value from the total amount of your payout. In many cases, the car is issued a salvage title. Once repairs are completed, you will need to obtain a new title before driving the vehicle. It’s important to note that salvage titles often make it more difficult to sell or insure a vehicle. 

Do you need help dealing with a difficult insurance company after a Dallas car accident? Do you have questions about what it means when the insurance company decides your vehicle is totaled? Please contact the car accident attorneys at Carrollton’s Hudson Law Firm. We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.