What You Need to Know About Bad Faith Insurance Tactics in Car Accident Claims

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What You Need to Know About Bad Faith Insurance Tactics in Car Accident Claims

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Being in a car accident is stressful, distressing, and overwhelming – even if you aren’t injured. But when a car accident results in an injury, or even a significant property claim, the negative repercussions can quickly escalate. After a Texas car accident, dealing with insurance companies isn’t always as straight forward as you might hope.  

What is a Bad Faith Insurance Tactic? 

Bad faith insurance tactics are considered dishonest dealing, and they include a variety of practices insurance companies sometimes engage in to minimize their costs and avoid paying out valid claims. 

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Tactics: 

If you’re trying to figure out if you’re experiencing a bad faith insurance tactic, it may help to consider these examples. 

  • Denying a Claim Without Providing a Reason
  • Failing to Complete an Investigation Promptly
  • Offering a Lowball Settlement for a Claim
  • Delaying/Denying Decisions on Claims 
  • Delaying/Denying Approval for Necessary Medical Treatments
  • Refusing to Pay Valid Claims
  • Making Threatening Statements
  • Misrepresenting the Law
  • Misrepresenting the Policy
  • Putting Insurance Company Profits Over a Policy Holder’s Valid Claim
  • Denying Reasonable Requests for Documentation
  • Delaying Payment for a Valid Claim

How to Respond to Bad Faith Insurance Tactics: 

If you are dealing with an insurance company employing bad faith insurance tactics, please don’t hesitate to get help. An experienced personal injury attorney can protect your rights and help you stop the insurance’s unethical behavior. Insurance companies should always provide a reason for their decisions regarding your claim and respond to insurance claims promptly and thoroughly. Valid claims should be investigated promptly and result in fair compensation. 

Do you need help dealing with a difficult insurance company after a Dallas car accident? Do you suspect the insurance company handling your claim is employing bad faith insurance tactics? Please contact the car accident attorneys at Carrollton’s Hudson Law Firm. We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.