Who is Liable for Injuries from a T-Bone Car Accident?

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Who is Liable for Injuries from a T-Bone Car Accident?

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The t-bone car accident (also known as the side-impact or angular collision) is among the most deadly and devastating car accident. The vast majority of side-impact collisions occur at intersections. T-bone car accidents injure tens of thousands of Texans every year. Everyone agrees that t-bone accidents are devastating to everyone involved, but it’s harder to get everyone to agree on who is at fault in a t-bone accident.

Who Is At Fault in a T-Bone Accident at a Texas Intersection?

Determining who is at fault in a side impact car accident in an intersection depends on the incident’s circumstances. Different factors contribute to fault, and different parties may hold a percentage of the blame for the car accident:

The Other Driver: In a t-bone collision, at least one of the drivers involved is at fault for the accident. There is no scenario in which two vehicles would cross an intersection at right angles simultaneously. There are many reasons drivers may enter an intersection wrongfully. All frequently lead to side-impact collisions in intersections: speeding (drivers may not be able to stop in time), Inattention, or distraction (drivers fail to see or notice stop signs or signals and enter intersections at the wrong time. In other incidents, the other driver was driving while impaired by alcohol, lack of sleep, or drugs. Impaired drivers make poor decisions and have delayed responses, so they have a high likelihood of ignoring stop signs and traffic signals.

Parties Responsible for the Other Driver’s Actions: In rare instances, other parties may be liable for the other driver’s poor decisions or poor driving. For example, if a driver is prescribed a new medication that leaves them impaired due to side effects they were not warned about, or if the other driver was driving a commercial vehicle even though the employer was aware that the employee had an unsafe driving record. Your experienced Texas car accident attorney will seek any information indicating that another party sharing fault in the side-impact car accident by not taking necessary steps to prevent it.

Road Designers or Engineers: There are some aspects of intersections that road engineers and designers can control that can leave an intersection susceptible to side-impact car accidents such as inaccurate or unclear signs or signals, poor sightlines, and confusing layouts. When driving on Texas roads, never assume that an intersection was designed well. Every intersection is dangerous and requires every driver’s full attention.

Automotive Parts Manufacturers: What would happen if you approached an intersection,  hit the brakes, and nothing happened? Sometimes a side-impact collision will follow a mechanical failure. In this situation, the vehicle manufacturer or parts manufacturer may hold legal liability due to the defective part. If your attorney can prove a defective part caused a car accident, this typically results in “strict” liability for the manufacturer of the parts.

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