Your Personal Injury Attorney Helps You Avoid Going to Court

We put PERSONAL back Into Personal Injury Law

Your Personal Injury Attorney Helps You Avoid Going to Court

Your personal injury case can be settled through negotiation or litigation. “Dispute resolution sometimes requires both a power-based and an interest-based approach,” meaning a combination of litigation and negotiation that encompass the interests of both parties to the lawsuit, according to Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation. The most desirable goal of any personal injury case is a carefully managed negotiation that resolves your injury claim in a way that is personally satisfactory to you, the plaintiff, and acceptable to the defendant.  The alternative is going to court, which can be costly and fractious, and can take a long time.

Especially in a case of a serious injury, you will need to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to conduct the negotiation on your behalf from start to finish. From the outset, your attorney will evaluate your case and assess the value of any potential settlement to help you determine whether it will be worth bringing a lawsuit.  No attorney will make decisions for you; your decisions will be your own after your attorney shows you the potential costs and benefits. Your attorney will be your ally, and, if you are consumed by your own emotions, will have the clarity to keep your true interests in mind.

Your personal injury attorney will have access to investigators to help gather evidence, in consultation with you, and will take care of the tons of paperwork and legal procedures that are necessary to your case. On your own, it would be too challenging to file subpoenas, obtain camera footage, and research the defendant’s assets, insurance coverage, and other potential sources of compensation.

Your attorney will have experience working with insurance companies, and know to resist pressures to reach a possibly unsatisfactory settlement. You will have greater peace of mind, knowing that you have a powerful advocate who will negotiate a fair settlement, calmly and creatively, and avoid the headaches of your having to go to court.

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